EE-325 provides an overview of important topics related to renewable energy sources and their economic, environmental, and social impacts. Students will learn about the state of the art in renewable energy applications including the biomass for heat electric power and liquid fuels as well as geo-energy sources such as wind solar and hydropower. Students will do engineering calculations of power and energy availability of renewable energy sources and learn about the requirement for integrating renewable energy sources into production distribution and end-use systems.




1. Renewable Energy Resources by John Twidell and Tony Weir 2nd Edition Taylor and Francis

2. Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Resources by Engr. Prof. DrSuhail AftabQureshi

3. Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems. By Gilbert M. Masters

Grading Policy


  • Viva+ Assigrunents                      30%                    CLOI and CLO1
  • Midterm                                           30%                     CLO2 and CLO2
  • Final                                                 40%                    CLO3 



Key Dates and Time of Class Meetings:





Monday 11 am to 12:30 am

Wed 09:30 am to11 am 

BSc Electrical Engineering (6th) Semester

Course Material