This course is aimed to make the students of Zoology enable to improve their English language skills to to use the acquired language in concerned field to compete the scholars at higher education level. The course is aimed to improve the students in comprehending language in their respective context. The course is also aimed to improve all the language skills of the students. It would also enable the students to write not only creatively but effectively. The language competence will enable them to speak and write systematic and effective responses.

Learning Outcome

The students would have improved the basic language skills (Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening).  They would be confident about using language in their academic and everyday use. The students, after working on this module, will have a competence on the formal aspects of using language in spoken and written academic activities. For example, problem related to spoken and written use would be well addressed after the completion of the course.

Time Table

Day Time
Monday 12:00-1:00
Tuesday 12:00-1:00
Wednesday 3:00-4:00

Marks Distribution

Mid Term: 30 Marks (Term Paper)

Sessionals: 20 Marks (Weekly Assignments+ Attendance+ Class participation)

Final: 50 Marks (Written Exam)


Course Material