Objective and Learning Outcome

To facilitate a basic understanding of soil chemical reactions and how the soil relates chemically to the environment; to enhance the student’s ability to think and analyze problems; to understand the historical role of soil as a medium of plant growth; and to familiarize the student with literature in the field of soil chemistry, through individual literature search projects and presentations

Course Outline

1. Chemical thermodynamics of soils: Processes and variables

2. Chemical potentials: Metal oxides, hydroxides and silicates clays

3. Kinetics of soil chemical reactions

4. Precipitation and dissolution in soil environment

5. Surface electro-chemistry of colloids: Sorption of trace metal ions; Selectivity and pH

6. Inter-particles attraction: Solid-solid and solid-liquid interaction

7. Chemistry of submerged soils

8. Chemical transformations of selective elements in soils

9. Contamination of soils with organic and inorganic pollutants

10. Risk assessment of trace metals in soil and water

11. Integrated management of polluted environment

12. Sorption theory: Description and application for decontamination of soils and water

13. Recent developments in soil and environmental chemistry

14. Systems for waste water treatment: Physical, chemical and bio-chemical

Books Recommended

1. Conklin, Jr. A.R. 2005. Introduction to Soil Chemistry Analysis and Instrumentation. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NY, USA.

2. Kumar, A. 2004. Environmental Contamination and Bio-reclamation. APH Publishing Corporation, New Delhi, India.

3. Schjonning, P., S. Elmholt and B.T. Christensen. 2004. Managing Soil Quality Challenges in Modern Agriculture. CABI Publisher Cambridge, MA, USA.

4. Sparks, D.L. 2003. Environmental Soil Chemistry. 2nd Ed. Academic Press, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA.

5. Sposito, G. 2008. The Chemistry of Soils. Oxford University Press, NY, USA. 6. Viessman, J.W. and M.J. Hammer. 2009. Water Supply and Pollution Control. 8th Ed. Prentice Hall NY, USA.

Assessment Criteria

Sessional: 12 (project, presentation, participation)

Project: 06

Presentation: 03

Participation: 03

Mid exam: 18

Final exam: 30

Course Material