CHEM-431 for BS chemistry (CHEM-669 for MSc Chemistry) titled as Environmental Chemistry,is an important course of Chemistry which have to be taught by all BS and MSc classes. It is a compulsory course for 8th semester and 4th semester of BS Chemistry and MSc Chemistry students. This course enable students not only to understand the environmental pollution but also enables them to solve the problems created by it. This course gives an insight about the pollution in different classes of environmen i.e., air, water and soil. It also helps students to truly understand the major environmental pollution phenomenon like global warming, green house effect, ozone depletion, fog and smog and soft and hard water.

Recommended Books  

1. Kumar, A. Environmental Chemistry, Wiley Eastern, New Delhi (2005). 2. Moore, J.W. & Moore, E.M. Environmental Chemistry, Academic Press, New York (2004). 3. Banerji, S. K.  Environmental Chemistry, Tata Publisher, Delhi (2006). 4. Manahan, S. E.  Environmental Chemistry, Brooks, California (2005). 5. Neil, P.O. Environmental Chemistry, Chapmann, London (2004). 6. Baird, C. Environmental Chemistry, Freeman, New York (2003). 


Assesment Criteria 

Sessional: Assignements, Presentations, Attendence, Class participation = 20 %

Midterm Examination                                                                                   = 30 %

Final Examination                                                                                         = 50 %

Course Material