The course is designed for senior level degree undergraduate students. The objective scholarly person . The aim is to enhance their analytical skills and to clarify further their macroeconomic concepts with quantitative tools at hand. They must have a strong theoretical foundation so as to understand the real number problems of the economy with particular emphasis on inflation, unemployment, instability, unbalance , deficit and debt etc. to which the developing countries commonwealth are confronted at present. Homework: present tense . Preparation : The students may be given frequent assignments and exercises utilisation from the texts, Economic Survey, reports account of the State Bank as well as from articles clause appearing in the press. insistency . The students should be motivated to use computer for solving resolution the assignments.

Students Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

1. Explain the objectives of government macroeconomic policy and describe how they can be pursued

2. Define and measure national income and rates of unemployment and inflation.

3. Describe the causes and consequences of inflation and unemployment

4. Explain the role of the European Central Bank and how exchange rates and interest rates are determined

5. Construct the aggregate demand and aggregate supply model of the macro economy and use it to illustrate macroeconomic problems and possible fiscal policy and monetary policy solutions

6. Discuss the importance of international trade

Reccomended Books

  •  Branson, Willium – Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy – 3​rd ​Edition (1989) or latest Harper and Row, New York.
  • Froyen, Richard–Macroeconomics: Theories and Policies – 7​th ​Edition (2002) ● 

Evaluation system

Evaluation of the students will be as under

Mid Term Exam                                  30 Marks

Final Term Exam                                 50 Marks

Sessional Mark                                    20 Marks

  • (Note 20 Marks will be distributed as under)

Attendance                                         05 Marks

Assignments                                       10 Marks

Class Participation                              05 Marks

Course Material