To prepare the students, not majoring
in mathematics, with the essential tools of calculus to apply the concepts
and the techniques in their respective disciplines.

Course pre requisite:

Prerequisites for calculus include courses typically called Algebra |
(elementary algebra) and Algebra lI (intermediate algebra), elementary
geometry as well as an introductory analysis course usually called precalculus.

Learning Outcomes:

Basic learning  outcomes is provide an understanding of :

  • Functions and their graphs
  • Limit of a function
  • Derivatives
  • Integration
  • Techniques of integration


Courese Contents:

  • Preliminaries: Real-number line, functions and their graphs, solution of equations involving absolute values, inequalities.
  • Limits and Continuity: Limit of a function, left-hand and right-hand limits,
  • continuity, continuous functions. Derivatives and their Applications: Differentiable functions, differentiation of  polynomial,
  • rational and transcendental functions, derivatives.
  • Integration and Definite Integrals: Techniques of evaluating indefinite integrals, integration by substitution,
  • integration by parts, change of variables in indefinite integrals.


Text Book:

1- Anton, H., Bevens, H. & Davis, S. (2005) Calculus, 8h edition, John Willeyy
Sons, Inc Stewart, J. (1995) Calculus (3rd edition) Brooks/Cole
2- swokowski, E.W. (1983) Calculus and Analytic Geometry, PWS-Kent
3- Company, Boston Thomas, G. B. & Finney, A. R. (2005) Calculus (11n
edition), Addison-Wesley, Reading, Ma, USA


Boston Thomas, G. B. & Finney, A. R. (2005) Calculus (11n
edition), Addison-Wesley, Reading, Ma, USA

Assesment Criteria:

Assignments 5%

Quiz 5%

Class Attendence /Class Participation/Presentation 10%

Mid Term 30%

Final Term 50 %

Key Date and Time of Classes:

Commencement of Classes
January 13, 2020
Mid Term Examination
March 09- 13, 2020
Final Term Examination
May 04-08, 2020
Declaration of Result
May 19, 2020

Course Material