Introduction to course:

Course is designed for students with little or no drafting background. Course content includes the use of drafting equipment, drafting techniques, lettering, geometric construction, multi-view and isometric drawings, sectional and auxiliary views, and basic dimensioning. It will also be helpful in giving the basic knowledge of mathematics, calculations and measurements.

Learning Outcomes:

After studying this course students will be able to

 1)Understand and recognize drafting and Geometry (Measuring Systems). 
 2)Acquire all the drafting skills by using tools (Matrices).
 3)Understand different methodologies of constructing various basic polygons Including reducing /enlargement of figures. One point perspective, two point perspective and different views.


Mathematics-II Algebra and Trignometry, (2006), Lahore
Punjab textbook board

Description of system of Evaluation: 

Sessional 20% (Assignment: 5%

Quiz/presentation: 10%

Attendance :5%)

Mid Term Exam: 30%

Final Term Exam : 50%

Key dates : 

Commencement of Classes : March 16,2021

Mid Term Examination : May 17 to May 21, 2021

Final Term Examination: July 12-16 .2021

Declaration of Result: 27 July (Tuesday)2021

Time Table: BFA 2nd sTuesday 1;30 pm to 2;30 pm,

BSGD 2nd S: 3;00pm to 4;30 pm

 BFA 2nd s: Wednesday 1;30 pm to 2;30 pm,

BSGD 2nd S 3;00 pm to 4;30 pm

Course Contents: 

1) Introduction of basic calculuations and measurements .

2) Matrix: Introduction to matrices, Determinants , Adjoint and Inverse of 2*2 and 3*3 matrices ,Simultaneous equations .

3) Quadratic Equations : Introduction of quadratic equation, Equations reducible to quadratic form .

4) Synthetic division : Introduction, Remainder theorem ,Factor theorem .

5) Sequence and series: Introduction ,Types of sequences A.p, A.M, G.p, H.p., Infinite geometric series ,Binomial theorem, Binomial series and its applications.

6) Trigonometry: units and measures of angles , Arc length formula, Formula law without proof, Deduction from fundamental law (only formula),Signs of trigonometric functions,Values of trigonometric functions , Solution of triangles and Area of triangles .

Recommended books:

1) Mathematics_II Algebra and Trigonometry.2006,Lahore Punjab textbook board.

2) Geometrical drawing for arts students by I. H.  Morris.

3) The Alhambra by Antonio Fernandez -puertas .

Course Material