This course is designed for programs of commerce and business administration. The course provides a background in different Estimation methods of population parameters based on a sample as well as the application of mathematical tools to business problems. It also develops a student's skills to interpret statistical data and results. The goal of this course is to provide students with enough background in probability and statistics so that they can successfully: evaluate basic quantitative empirical research in business and commerce. It enables the students to explain the merits and limitations of various statistical techniques. This course will enable the students to support their research with advance quantitative methods. Moreover, this course will also cover the statistical software's to analyze the data. This activity will improve the analytical skills of the students. After completing this course, students will be able to apply quantitative techniques to solve a variety of business problems.


Text Books

Richard I. Levin: Statistics for Management (Latest edition)

Sher muhammad choudary: Introduction to the statistical theory (Latest edition)

Walpol:Statistical inference (Latest edition)

Mensfield: Statistics for Business and Economics  (Latest edition)

System of Evaluation

Class participation / quiz=20%

Mid term =30%

Final term=50%

Day and class time 

Wednesday BBA 12y  Reg (12:30-2:00)

Thursday BBA 12y  Reg (12:30-2:00)