Description and Objectives

Vegetable crops contribute a major share to agricultural economy. Vegetable crops are attacked by many plant pathogens that cause qualitative and quantitative losses. This course covers diseases of vegetable crops in a comprehensive manner. The key objective of this course is to study the economically important diseases of vegetables and their management.

Learning Outcomes:

The students will be acquainted with the history, importance, symptoms, etiology, epidemiology, ecology and management of commonly occurring diseases of vegetables. Students will also be able to survey, sample collection based upon symptomology, isolation, purification and microscopic identification of different plant pathogens causing diseases in vegetables. Purification of pathogenic cultures would be helpful in pathogenicity tests.


  1. History, Economic importance, etiology, symptomology, host range, biology, disease cycle, ecology, epidemiology and management of ecnomically important diseases of vegetables.


  1. Survey of diseased fields, collection of diseased samples based upon symptomology, identification, dry preservation of diseased samples for future correspondence.
  2. Processing of collected samples in Lab for isolation, microscopic identification of pathogens, purification and mass culturing of pathogenic isolates.

        3. Performing pathogenicity tests

Course Material