Course Instructor: Ms. Aatika

Email: [email protected]

Course Contact Hours: 3(0+3)

Course Description:

Pattern Making is an art. It is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to one or more curves of the human figure. Pattern making is a bridge function between design and production.

Course Objectives/Learning Outcome

This course is an introduction to creating flat pattern, by drafting basic block through measurements and calculations. The students learn how to manipulate theses blocks according to their requirements by using the basic blocks. During this course students start constructing basic garments with all the finishing required. This course introduces the students to human form its proportions and measurements. As students develop their understanding of proportions and human form, they start developing patterns with different calculation for a better understanding of various sizing in relation to proportion.

Course Contents

Sr. No.


 Week  1

   Construction of Basic Skirt Block through mathematical calculations

Week     2

    Introduction to variation of skirts

  Week  3

   Construction of skirt plats

  Week  4

    Explanation and construction of complete A line /Flared Skirt

  Week  5

   Construction by closing the darts and flaring out on side seam

  Week  6

   Explanation and construction of Godet / Full circle Skirt with mathematical formula

  Week  7

   Explanation and construction of basic bodice block with specific    measurements and           


 Week  8

   Construction of basic bodice block

 Week  9

                                                      Mid Term

 Week 10

    To understand drafting of basic bodice block on given measurements with Different calculation                             

  Week 11

     Construction of ease bodice blocks

  Week 12

     Introduction to panel cut lines using basic bodice block

 Week  13

     Explanation and construction of simple panel

  Week 14

     Variation of collars with calculation construction of individual designs with basic Blocks

  Week 15

       Calculation of revised design in pattern

  Week 16

       Cutting and stitching on calico to fitting and proportions

 Week  17

                                                  Final Paper



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2  Joseph Helen, Armstrong. Pattern Making for Fashion Design.(3rd edition ) Prentice Hall 1999.

Suggested Text:

1, Rolfo,Vittorina .zenlin, Beatrice . Gross, Lee Kopp Emestine. How to Draft Basic Pattern (4th edition).1991Fairchild Pubns.

Course Material