Course Code: EDUC- 6403

Credit Hours: 3(3+0 )


This foundation course “curriculum Development” is designed to; enable the learners to discuss concepts, history, curriculum development processes, and various approaches, issues to curriculum development. This course will also provide opportunities to enable and prepare learners to introduce the ideas and procedures involved in curriculum development and further develop their skills in curriculum design. The learner will be informed about various foundations on which the curriculum is based, defining and delineating the objectives, selection of content, its scope and outcomes, teaching strategies, curriculum evaluation, design of instructional materials. This course will also include various factors that affect the process of curriculum development and implementation. The course also assists to develop a deeper understanding of the testing, measurement, and evaluation in the curriculum. It first examines the foundations of the curriculum then the conceptual framework and approaches to designing a curriculum. Comparative studies will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:

More specifically, the following are the main learning outcomes of this course:

·         To introduce the learners to the concept, history, and foundation of curriculum development generally and specifically with reference to Pakistan

·         To familiarize with the conceptual framework of curriculum development, its various types of approach.

·         To introduce the content selection and evaluation process of the curriculum.

·         To Compare and contrast the comparative perspectives of curriculum development in different countries of the world.

·         To write curriculum objectives in behavioral terms

·         Should be able to apply principles of curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation in the teaching and learning process and curriculum planning.

Course Material