PKST-6102                            Research Methodology

This outline is prepared for developing the interest of students in research pursuits and making them excel in research tasks. The contents discussed blow would develop their theoretical understanding as well as the practical and field related issues as to the research activities. On completion of these contents, the students would be able to apprehend major paradigms, ontologies and epistemologies, and accordingly will be able to develop their analytical skills and produces authentic, credible and standard research.   



  1. Introduction to Research and Research Methods
  2. Major paradigms in Research: Positivism/materialism/Marxism, Idealism, existentialism, post-modernism, feminism.
  3. Ontologies and Epistemologies
  4.  Ethics and standards of Research
  5.  Major steps in carrying out the task of research
  6. Preparing a Research Proposal
  7. Writing a book review
  8. Internal and External Criticism
  9. Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  10. Objectivity and Subjectivity in Research
  11. Conducting Interviews, sampling and Survey
  12. Front Matter, Body Text and Back Matter of a thesis, dissertation, or a book.

Course Material