This course provides enhanced competancy for language. This course would explain techniques and key fetures like phonemes, syllables, intonations, stress,and language comprehension skills for understnading and learning any languaage especially English language. 


The course aims at developing linguistic competence by focusing on basic language skills in integration to make the use of language in context. The course objectives are to enchance student's language skill management capacity, comprehend text in context, repond to language in context and write structured responses.

Course Contents:

1. Listening skills

Recongnizing phonemes.

Recongnizing syllables.

Listening to small speech extracts.

Expressing opinions.

Oral synthesis of thoughts and ideas.

2. Pronunciation Skills

Pronuncing English Phonemes.

Recongnizing phonemic symbols.

Practising intonation patterns in simple sentences.

Conflict resolution through Panel Discussion.

3. Comprehension Skills

Reading Strategies

Critical Reading.

Comparing and Contrasting.

Drawing conclusion.

Self- Questioning.

Relating Background Knowledge.

Distinguishing between fact and opinion

Finding the main idea

Comprehending the text patterns

Investigating implied ideas in a text

Purpose and tone of the text.

4. Presentation skills.


1. Listening process, function and competancy 2nd edition by Worthington, D. and Fitcher- Hauser, M. 2018.

2. The Complete Presentaion Handbook. Kogan Page Ltd, 2008. by Siddons, S.

Course Evaluation:

1. Mid term: 30 marks

2. Sessional : 20 marks

  • Assignment  5 marks
  • Tasks           10 marks
  • Participation  3 marks
  • Attendance    2 marks

Time Table:

Monday, Tuesady, Wednesday: 8:00-8:50, 8:50- 9:40, 9:40-10:30

Course Material