The course introduces the students to the underlying rules to acquire and use language in academic context. The course aims at developing grammatical competence of the learners to use grammatical structures in context in order to make the experience of learning English more meaningful enabling the students to meet their real life communication needs. The objectives of the course are to, reinforce the basics of grammar, understand the basic meaningful units of language, and introduce the functional aspects of grammatical categories and to comprehend language use by practically working on the grammatical aspects of language in academic settings. After studying the course, students would be able to use the language efficiently in academic and real life situations and integrate the basic language skills in speaking and writing. The students would be able to work in a competitive environment at higher education level to cater with the long term learners’ needs.




  1. Parts of speech
  2. Noun and its types
  3. Pronoun and its types
  4. Adjective and its types
  5. Verb and its types
  6. Adverb and its types
  7. Prepositions and its types
  8. Conjunction and its types
  9. Phrases and its different types
  10. Clauses and its different types
  11. Sentence, parts of sentence  and types of sentence
  12. Synthesis of sentence
  13. Conditional sentences
  14. Voices
  15. Narration
  16. Punctuation
  17. Common grammatical errors and their corrections



For the assessment of course objectives, various assignments and projects will be given during the semester and evaluation will be done through attained scores. 


Assignments content:


Assignments can be given from


The handouts provided by the instructor 


Discussion during lectures 


Selected exercises from the notebook 


Assessment criteria:


Sessionals: 20 


Quiz. 10 marks 


Assignments. 5 marks 


Class participation. 5 marks


Mid terms. 30 marks 


Final terms. 50 marks

Recommended Texts


  1. Eastwood, J. (1999). A Basic English Grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  2. Swan, M. (2018). Practical English usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Suggested Readings


  1. Thomson, A. J., & Martinet, A. V. (1986). A practical English grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press
  2. Biber, D., Johansson, S., Leech, G., Conrad, S., Finegan, E., & Quirk, R. (1999). Longman grammar of spoken and written English. Harlow Essex: MIT Press.
  3. Hunston, S., & Francis, G. (2000). Pattern grammar: A corpus-driven approach to the lexicalgrammar of English. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


Course Material