This subject covers basic scientific knowledge about genetic resources, their importance and applicatin, plant material conservation to ensure food security arround the world and espacially with reference to Pakistan, Endangered species around the globe and the endangred species in Pakistan, causes of extinction and strategies for conservation of andagred species. Laws and legislations regarding conservation od endangered species, quarantine regulations and future perspectives. 

Learning outcomes

After studying this course, student should be able to 

  • Explain the Genetic resources
  • Difference between endagred and extinct species and the major causes of extinction/endangerment
  • Explain the importance of biodiversity, its types and the factors that can affect the biodiversity
  • Explain the methods whcih can be used to conserv the biodiversity/species
  • Explain the National and international efforts to conserv the biodiversity and environment
  • Explain the quaratine and its importance, legislations of animal and plant quarantine. 

Recommended Books

Kamau, E.C and Winter, G. 2009. Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Law: Solutiond for Access and Benefit sharing. 1st Edition. Earthscan. 

Primack, R.B. 2010. Essentials of Conservational Biology. 5th Edition. Sinauer Associates Inc. 

Assesment Criteria

Sessional: 20 (Quiz, presentation, class behaviour and attendence)

Midterm exam: 30

Final exam: 50



Course Material