Course Outline (Fall Semester 2020)

  • Course Title: Introduction to Mathematics
  • Course Code: URCM-5101
  • Credit Hours: 03
  • Instructor: Memoona Nawaz
  • Email: [email protected]

Introduction to Course:

This course is built upon the mathematical concepts, principles and techniques.

Course Objectives :

The main objectives of the course are to enhance student's competency in application of mathematical concepts in solving problems and to improve their level of quantitative approach.

Course Learing Outcomes:

Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to develope understanding:

  • Mathematical functions,
  • Building and solving Linear and Quadratic equations,
  • Matrices and Determinants with applications,
  • Sequence and Series, and
  • Basic Financial Mathematics.

Course Contents:

  1. Linear Equations and Quadratic Equations: Formation of Linear equation
  2. Solving Linear equation involving one variable
  3. Solution of Quadratic equation by factorization method
  4. Solution of quadratic equation by square completion methods
  5. Solution of quadratic equation by quadratic formula
  6. Application of quadratic equation
  7. Sequences and Series
  8. Matrices and Determinants: Introduction of matrices
  9. Types of matrices
  10. Matrix operations
  11. Inverse of matrix
  12. The determinants and its properties
  13. Solution of system of linear equations by determinants: Cramer’s rule, Inverse Matrices Method
  14. Mathematics of Finance: Simple interest
  15. Compound interest
  16. Annuities
  17. Sets and Sets Operations
  18. Permutation and combinations
  19. Introduction to mathematical induction and binomial theorem
  20. Basic Concepts of Trigonometry
  21. Fundamental Identities of Trigonometry

Recommended Book(s):

  1. Frank, S. B. (1993). Applied mathematics for business, economics, and the social sciences (4 th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill publisher.
  2. Nauman, K. (2019). Basic mathematics-I: algebra and trigonometry (2 nd ed.). Lahore: Al-Hassan Pub.

Suggested Book(s):

  1. Kaufmann, J. E. (1994). College algebra and trigonometry (3 th ed.). Boston: PWS-Kent Pub. Co.
  2. Swokowski, E. W. (1993). Fundamentals of algebra and trigonometry (8 th ed.). Boston: PWS-Kent Pub. Co.

Description of System of Evaluation (Exam, Assignments etc.) :

  • Mid-Term Examination (Online MCQ’s): 30
  • Sessional: 20
  • Final Exam (Project 15 + Viva 25 + Presentation 10): 50

Key Dates and Time of Class Meeting:

Program: BS. Persian (2020-2024)

Class: (1st- Semester)

  • Monday:                    12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
  • Tuesday:                    12:00 PM - 01:30 PM

Academic Calender:

  • Commencement of Classes                                                 October 26, 2020 
  • Mid Term Examination                                                       January 11-14, 2021
  • Final Term Examination                                                      March 01-05, 2021
  • Declaration of Result                                                           March 12, 2021

Course Material