Education modifies the behaviour of person, thus education can perform this duty well if the system of education runs effectively. For making the education system successful teachers play an important role for implementing the different components of education. It has become the dire need of the society to make teachers well conversant about the requirements of the society. It is clear that teacher makes a tremendous contribution to our society.
 A teacher is the one who shapes the personality and entire life of children. It is one of the noble professions as it contributes in building the future of the country and overall society. Teachers play a significant and valuable role as they influence the lives of children who are the future. Students get influenced by the teacher’s character, his/her affection and commitment, his/her competence and his/her morals and ethics. So it is important that only the best and the intelligent human beings are allowed to become teachers so that a safe future is ensured. The role of a teacher in education system is pivotal. He is the implementer of society and the yardstick that decides the quality of education system. Successful teachers enjoy working with children, managing and motivating people, working well with the community.
 The course emphasized how to experience the social contact with the community, and how to mobilize community for the development of the school. The course includes wider issues including culture, gender, special needs, equity and equality and collaborative working condition within the school and community. This course will provide an orientation for the process of socialization and social development. It also emphasize on social factors which may affect education. This course has not only a theoretical perspective but some practical aspects as well, like community work, improving social interaction activities, and promotion of healthy environment.

Course Material