Physical sciences deal with the study of physical objects (matter), their interaction, interdependence, and predictability etc. While the social sciences deal with the study of human behavior through naturalistic observation as well as in laboratorial settings. All social sciences aim at studying the interaction, interdependence of human beings and predictability of human behavior. Owing to the complexity of human nature and behavior, it is very difficult and almost impossible to predict it with 100% accuracy and objectivity. Numerous attempts, however, have been made to make social sciences more and more systematic and organized by applying scientific methodology.

The major purpose of  teaching  these courses is  to develop mastery and command over the contents and competency of teaching the contents of social sciences from Class I  to class X ( in both public  and private sectors) by using a variety of methods and techniques of teaching social studies  at both elementary and secondary levels. Course -I is intended to deal with the former while course -II deals with the latter.

Course Material