Lipid metabolism is characterized by a dynamic flux of multiple lipid types from the external environment to the liver , from the liver to peripheral tissues , from peripheral tissues back to the liver and  eventually back to the exterionnal environment through the excretion of bile acids.

course prerequisite:

the student must review the basic structural biochemistry and functions of lipids learned in the previouse year course (103)

Learning outcomes :

by the end of this course, the learner will be able to;

  •  Describe the metabolism of the different organs in relation to lipids
  • Describe& integrate the regulation of the lipids and Carbohydrate pathways
  • Describe the abnormalities in lipid metabolism and related diseases

Recommended books:

1. Harper's illustrated biochemistry (latest edition)

2. Lippincott biochemistry ( latest edition)

Exam evaluation:

at the end of this course a two part assessment test, theory(MCQs&SEQs) and viva will be held that will add up to the annual internal assessment of the student

Course Material