SOWK-5103                             Foundation of Education                                                    3(3+0)  


The focus of this course will be on developing an understanding of the major concepts and terminologies used in education. Emphasis will be given on analyzing various sociological, psychological, political, economic and ideological forces that influence the process of education in a society. Curriculum and instructions are yet other factors in understanding educational phenomenon in a better way. The course also equips learners with guidance and counseling techniques to enhance their professional practices through teaching learners to play the role of teacher as counsellor. It also encompasses the basic concept of assessment to understand how academic aptitude and achievements be quantified with minimum error of measurement. As exhaustive changes have been taking place around the world at higher education, therefore, the course takes a helicopter view of higher education developments at global level while knitting existing issues involved from policy to practices in education.


At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Define the basic concepts of foundation of Education
  2. Describe the Islamic foundations of Education
  3. Describe the philosophical foundations of Education
  4. Explain the psychological foundations of Education
  5. Understand the economic foundations of Education and its role for the society.
  6. Describe the historical of foundations of Education
  7. Understand the role of foundations of education in society





  1. Introduction
  2. Foundations of education at a glance
  3. Islamic foundation
  4. Philosophical foundation
  5. Sociological foundation
  6. Psychological foundation
  7. Economic foundation
  8. Historical foundation
  9. Philosophy of Education
  10. Islamic Foundation of Education
  11. Ontology of Islam
  12. Epistemology of Islam
  13. Sociological foundation of Education
  14. Interaction of institutions
  15. Psychological foundation 
  16. Needs of the students: developmental tasks and needs.
  17. Nature of developmental Basic concepts ( growth, maturation, development, learning)
  18. The nature of the learner Intelligence and mental development
  19. Psychology and selection of contents
  20. Principles for selecting curriculum content, Criteria for Content selection.
  21. Teacher’s awareness about students’ needs and problems.
  22. Economic foundation
  23. Economics of education – The concept
  24. Source of Educational finance in Pakistan.
  25. Historical Foundation: Education in Pakistan


Recommended Texts


  1. Muhammad, R. (2000). Allied material of foundations of education.  Islamabad: AIOU press.
  2. Hemlata, T. (2002). Sociological foundation of education. New Delhi: Kanishka publishers.


Suggested Readings


Shahid, S. M. (2005). Foundations of education. Islamabad: AIOU


Wedensday: 8:00-9:30 AM

Friday: 8:00-9:30 AM


Mid term: 30 marks 

Final Term: 50 Marks

Sessional: 20

Course Material