Course Objectives:

This course in calculus is intended to develop practical skills in differential and integral calculus. As well, it is intended to illustrate various applications of calculus to technical problems.

Course outline:

  1. Definition of derivative as slope or the rate of change

  2. Rules of differentiation

  3. Derivatives of trigonometric functions

  4. Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions

  5. Derivatives of logarithmic functions

  6. Derivatives of exponential functions

  7. Implicit differentiation

  8. Newton's method

  9. Roots of polynomials

  10. Maxima and minima

  11. Taylor, and Maclaurin series

  12. Definition of integral as area or inverse derivative

  13. Methods of algebraic integration

  14. Tables of integrals

  15. Simpson's rule

  16. Averages and RMS values

  17. Determination of areas by integration

  18. Determination of volumes by integration

  19. Fourier series

  20. First order of differential equations

  21. Second order differential equations

  22. Laplace transforms

  23. Problems requiring differential equations

Recommended Books:

  1. Differential Calculus by Shanti Narayan, Dr. P.K. Mittal

  2. Differential and Integral Calculus, Vol. One by Richard Courant, Edward James McShane

Assessment Criteria:

Sessional: 20 

Mid-Term Exam:  30

Final-Term Exam: 50

Key Dates and Time of Class Meeting:

Program:: BS Physics

Class: 1st Semester(Regular) 

  1. Tuesday (10:00 am - 11:00 am)
  2. Wednesday (10:00 am - 11:00am)
  3. Thursday (10:00 am -  11:00 am)

Commencement of Classes                                                   October 26, 2020 (Monday)

Mid Term Examination                                                            December 28 to January 01, 2021

Final Term Examination                                                          March 01 to 05, 2021

Declaration of Result                                                              March 12, 2021

Course Material