1. intoduction to the course: This course is built upon the statistics concepts, principles and techniques that are useful in business managment

2. course pre-Requiste

3. Learning objective

After completion of this course, students should be able to know:

1. Set and probability

2. Sampling theory and estimation theory

3. Testing hypothesis and regrssion

4. The F-distribution and the students t-distribution

5. Computer applications in statistics

4. text books

Richard I. Levin: Statistics for Management (Latest edition)

Sher muhammad choudary: Introduction to the statistical theory (Latest edition)

Walpol:Statistical inference (Latest edition)

Mensfield: Statistics for Business and Economics  (Latest edition)

5.system of evaluation

Class participation / quiz=20%

Mid term =30%

Final term=50%

Day and class time 

Wednesday BBA reg (9:00-10:30)     BBA self( 1:30-3:00)

Thursday BBA self(3:00-4:30) 

Friday BBA reg( 10:30-12:00)


Course Material