This course includes the study of matrices and determinats, understand the concept of partial differential equations  and its applications in solving engineering problems.


Mathematics II

Learning Outcomes

Partial differential equations will provide students with the needed working knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts and an awareness of their relationship to complex problems. Students wishing to major in the sciences or engineering are required to study partial  differential equations. It provides a solid foundation for further study in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering .



1. Linear Algebra :Basic concepts of matrices and determinants, addition subtraction, multiplication, linear system of equation, Gaussian Elimination Techniques, row reduced Echelon form, Rank of Matrix,  Inverse of Matrix , Gauss Jordan method , determinants , Crammers rule, Eigen Value and Eigen Vectors.

2. Vector differential calculus, Gradient, Divergence and curl, concepts of vector integral calculus.

3. Partial differential equations: Fourier series basic concepts of PDE's, Wave equation, Heat equations, Laplace equation, Poisson equation and their solutions by using Fourier series, and Laplace transformation


Text Book

  Erwin Kreyszig, “Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition”, John Wiley & Son

Recommended Books:

1.       C.R. Wylie, “Advanced Engineering Mathematics 6th Edition”, McGraw- Hill Education

2.        Erwin Kreyszig, “Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition”, John Wiley & Son



Sessional:20 %(Assignments 5% , Quiz 5% ,Class Attendance/Class Participation/Presentation  10%)

Mid Term Paper:30%

Final Term: 50 %



Key Dates anf Time of Class Meeting

 Friday  8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Commencement of Classes                                                   October 12, 2020

Mid Term Examination                                                            December 14 to 18, 2020

Final Term Examination                                                          Februry 08-12, 2021

Declaration of Result                                                              Februry 19, 2021

Course Material