Credit Hours: 0+1

Prerequisites: None


This freshmen level course has been designed to provide an introduction to the ideas and concepts of Physics that would serve as a foundation for subsequent electronic engineering courses. The primary objective is to endow the knowledge of a wide variety of electric and magnetic phenomena along with their scientific applications, specifically, in the field of electronic engineering. The course initiates with a short review of relevant mathematics, immediately followed by the basics of electricity at the atomic level. A majority of the course is then dedicated for electric and magnetic fields, forces, elements and their applications. Additionally, it also aims to provide introductory knowledge of wave theory and semi-conductor theory in conjunction with their applications.

Assessment: Lab reports/performance = 60% 

                        Quiz + assignment               =10%

                        Semester Project                 =10%

                     End semester performance  =20%

                                                       Total      =  100%


Key Dates and Time Table: 

Recurring Meeting on Wednesday :(02:00pm to 05:00pm)

Recurring Meeting on Thursday :(11:00 am - 05:00pm)

Course Material