ET-314                                    Telecommunication Technology                                                    3 (3+1)


The aim of this course is to enable students to cover essential topics of Tele-communication systems.




  1. Review of Fourier series, transform and its properties.
  2. Amplitude Modulation: Principle of amplitude modulation. AM transmitter and receiver.
  3. Frequency Modulation: Principle of frequency modulation, FM transmitter and receiver
  4. Aerial and wave propagation.
  5. Time division multiplexing (TDM),
  6. Frequency division multiplexing (FDM),
  7. Comparison of FDM and TDM.
  8. Digital modulation,
  9. Types of digital modulations,
  10. Effect of sampling and quantization of signals.
  11. Digital transmission,
  12. AWGN and Inter symbol interference,
  13. Matched filtering and pulse shaping.
  14. Introduction to Satellite System,
  15. Earth satellite station,
  16. Orbit satellite station,
  17. Mobile communication system: Concept of cellular phone, various types of mobile communication systems.
  18. Optical fiber: Characteristics, types, sources and detectors

Recommended Books


1. B.P. Lathi, “Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems”

2. Bruce Carlson, “Communication Systems”

3. V.G.A. Garg, ‘Principals and Applications of GSM’.


Course Material