Course Title: Fisheries

Course Code: ZOL-501 (BS), ZOL-6201 (MSc)

Credit hours: 3 (2+1)

Course Contents

  • Introduction to fisheries and aquaculture
  • national and international trends
  • Fish morphology and diversity in size and shape.
  • Distribution of fishes in Pakistan, commercial  fishes,  marine  and  freshwater. 
  • Types  of  ponds, planning construction and pond preparation. Pond fertilization, application
  • food and feeding habits of fishes, feeding types, artificial and natural fish food,  artificial  fish  feeds. 
  • Fish habitat,  ecology  and  extant  of  distribution, water quality parameters (abiotic: temperature, light, salinity, pH, turbidity, etc.)  and  their effects  on  fish  health  and  production. 
  • Biotic  parameters (plankton,  insects,  aquatic  vegetation,  etc)  of  ponds,  lakes,  rivers,  and impacts on fish growth.
  • Induced breeding.
  • Fish diseases and their control.
  • Fishing gears, fishing techniques, fishing communities.
  • Fish preservation, processing transportation and marketing.



1. Morphological characters of a typical fish,

2. Species identification, fin formula, key to identification of commercial fishes,

3. Dissection of common fish to study its various systems.

4. Practical demonstration of induced breeding,

5. Introduction to artificial feed ingredients.


Books Recommended

1. Sharma,  O.  P.  2009.  Handbook  of  Fisheries  and  Aquaculture. Agrotech Publishing Academy, Udaipur, New Delhi, India.

2. Stickney,  R.  R.  2009.  Aquaculture:  An  Introductory  Text. CABI Publishing, London, UK.

3. Pillay,  T.V.R.and  M.N.Kutty  2005.  Aquaculture:  Principles  and Practices. Blackwell Science Limited. New York.

4. Ali,  S.S.  1999.  An  Introduction  to  Freshwater  Fishery  Biology. University Grants Commission, H-9 Islamabad.

5. Pandey, K. & Shukla, J. P. 2010. Fish & Fisheries. 2nd edition.Rastogi publications, India

Suggested Readings:

1. Naeem, M. & Baloch, M.. K. 2020. Textbook of Fish culture. Makhdoom printers, Multan.

2. Naeem, M, Baloch, M.. K. & Azam, M. 2015. Principles of Fish Biology. Makhdoom printers, Multan



Sessional: 10%

                   Presentation: 5%

                   Participation:  5%

Practical: 15%

Viva: 25%

Midterm exam: 25 %

Final exam: 25%


BS Zoology 5th semester (Regular + SS)

MSc Zoology 1st semester (Regular)

Time table:

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
BS 5th Regular 12-01pm 10-11am 08-10am    
BS 5th SS     11-12pm 11-01pm/ 01-02pm  
MSc 1st Regular 10-11am   10-11am   10-12pm


Course Material