The ultimate aim of any information center (library) is to meet the informational needs of its users. For the purpose libraries and information centers all over the world acquire varieties of publications to meet the diverse needs of their users. Meeting users’ needs in Library and Information Science (LIS) requires thorough understanding of the users as well as the sources of information and environment.

                This study course presents discussion on the meaning, importance and attributes of information. It is design to examine the information users and the kind of reference services and sources available and it provides general criteria for evaluating reference sources. It also considers the benefits inherent in the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to library services; the World Wide Web (WWW) and research resource on the Internet which make electronic references services possible. It discusses types and components of electronic reference services; including virtual Reference Service and video conferencing, digital reference robots, collaborative digital reference service (CDRS) and procedure for establishing electronic reference service.

Course Material