the course is based on literary texts of different genre. It includes poems, short stories and essay. Few topics of technical writing are also its part. The course focuses on development of understanding of the text, to make the learner able to develop critical thinking. The ability to comprehend the text will enable the learner to polish his communication skills, more comprehension mean more picking of ideas and ideas are the essence of discussion, conversation and communication.

Learning outcomes: the course will enable the students to pick ideas embedded in text. It will also polish students communication skills

Readings: Text book (English -iv)

Assessment criteria (20 marks sessional)

5 marks for attendance

Be on time,in proper uniform and be regular

5 marks for class participation

Participate in discussion 

To raise the question

5 marks of assignment

Beating deadline

Assignment presentation

Quality of material

5 marks for presentation

eye contact


Present in English

Mid term  30 marks

Final term 50 marks

Days and timings

Bspol-4 Monday : 11-12:30

              Thursday: 9:30-11

BsIr-4 Monday: 2-3:30

           Tuesday: 2-3:30





Course Material