The purpose of this lab workout is to develop a practical understanding of Electrical Power Transmission System, that holds a position of the backbone of Electrical System. Experiments are performed on Transmission trainer, that represents Short, Medium and long transmission line models. 

Prerequisite:  NIL

Catalog Data:  Course Code:                         EE-422

                         Course Title:                             Electrical Power Transmission (Lab)

                         Credit Hours:                            01

                         No of Sessions per week:      01 (Total 16 sessions)

                         Session Duration:                    180 min

                         Time of Class Meeting:           Section A: 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Section B: 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM  (Every Wednesday)


Program Learning Outcome:  This course is designed in conjunction with the following PLOs.

PLO-01: Engineering Knowledge

PLO-02: Problem Analysis

PLO-04: Investigation

PLO-09: Individual and Team Work

PLO-10: Communication

Course Learning Outcome (CLO):

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

 CLO No.







To Describe basic components of Electrical Power Transmission Network.

         1, 9




To analyze electrical models for short, medium and long transmission lines.

         2, 9




Execute procedure for calculations of Transmission line factors.

         4, 9




Write lab notes, effective communication, design & analysis of a given problem, to perform in the laboratory environment.

         9, 10

LAB Manual:                   

  1. Electrical Power Transmission - LAB Manual - EE 422 - Experiment Booklet Rev.00

Evaluation Criteria:   

1. Weekly Lab Report/Performance                          60%

2. Mid Term Evaluation                                                20%

3. Final Term Evaluation                                              20%

Weekly Lab Plan:

Week NO. Experiment Name
1 (a). Familiarization with Energy Analyzer
(b). Introduction to the transmission line trainer
2 Familiarization and calculation of transmission line parameters
3 To understand the construction, characteristics and applications of different types of insulators.
4 To Analyze the effect of Resistance on the transmission line
5 To Analyze the effect of inductance on the transmission line
6 To Analyze the effect of capacitance on the transmission line
7 To Calculate the flow of active and reactive power in 3-Phase transmission line at  known load
8 To Calculate “Line WATTs” and “Line VARs” absorbed by 3 Phase Transmission line at know load
9 Mid Term Lab Evaluation
10 Theory Mid Term Exams
11 To Calculate Voltage regulation of transmission line as a function of the type of Load
12 To understand the construction and technical specifications of different types of OHL conductors
13  To understand main supporting units of OHTL (Transmission Towers)
14 To understand the construction, characteristics, selection and application of Lightning arrestors
15 To Analyze the connection of transmission line with 3 phase feeder
16 To Understand vibration damper and its types used in transmission line
17 To learn about different types of underground cables
18 Final Term Lab Evaluation

Course Material