To ensure an effective orientation of students towards the discipline of psychology so that they may come to appreciate the diversity of the subject and its pragmatic significance. To make students familiar with the essentials features of human personality. To inculcate a sense of personal relevance of Psychology as a subject with the potential of gaining better insight into one’s own self and others

Required Readings:

  1. Weiten, W. (2017). Psychology: Themes and variations (10th ed.). Cengage Learning.
  2. Barsky, A., & Kaplan, S. A. (2007). If you feel bad, it’s unfair:  A quantitative Kalat, J. W. (2013). Introduction to psychology (10th ed.). Cengage Learning.
  3. Nolen-Hoeksema, S., Hilgard, E. R. (2014) Atkinson &Hilgard's Introduction to Psychology(16th ed.).Cengage Learning.ISBN: 8601200752540.


Week    Topics and Readings

1.            Definition of psychology, Goals of psychology

2.            Major schools of thought in psychology

3.            Major fields of psychology

4              Survey research, Experimental research, Case study method

5              Structure and function of major brain areas

6              Neurotransmitters and their functions

7              Difference between sensation and perception, Principles of perception

8              MID TERM WEEK

9              Role of perception in human cognition, Concept of motivation and emotions

10           Theories of motivation

11           Theories of emotion

12           Definition of Learning, Types of Learning

13           Definition and stages of human memory, Types of memory

14           Concept of intelligence , Basic theories of intelligence

15           Concept of personality , Theories of personality development

16           Tips to improve personality





Class Participation:  05

Mid Term exam:         30

Final exam:                 50


Attendance:                 As 80 % mentioned in examination rules

Dead Lines                  Strictly observed         



Course Material