The aim of the course is to describe the basic concept and knowledge of statistics. This course deals graphical representation, location and dispersion of data and the basic concepts of estimation, hypothesis testing, normal distribution, time series, sampling and regression. This course provides the knowledge about organization, classification and analysis of data, different tools for summarize a data set and interpretation of result. This focuses on the conceptual and numerical formation of statistical techniques.

Course Pre-requisite

Statistics is a topic within applied mathematics. Students are encouraged to refresh their basic mathematical skills prior to the course, or alternatively, to be prepared to spend some extra effort on mathematics during the course.

Text Book

Professor Sher Muhammad Chaudhary. “Introduction to Statistical Theory”

Clark, G.M. Cooke, D. (1998), “A Basic of Statistics” 4th ed. Arnold London

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Statistics provides students with skills for proficiency in descriptive and inferential statistics.

  • The course shall give the students a basic understanding of the main topics  descriptive statistics, probability theory, estimation, and hypothesis testing
  •  Be able to perform basic statistical calculations and graphical analyses.
  •   Able to discuss and reflect upon ethical topics relevant to statistical methods.
  • know the place of statistics in  Science

Syestem Evaluation:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Assignments 10% 
  • Class Attendance/Class Participation/Presentation  10%
  • Mid Term Paper 30%
  • Final Term 50 %

Class Time

Wednesday or Thursday  11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Course Material