The aim of this course is to provide a strong mathematical and conceptual foundation in the methods of probability. This subject plays the major role in science and technology by probabilistic and statistical ideas and methods. Content includes: 

Mathematical Expectation: Moments, moment generating function, commulants, Continuous Probability distributions, beta, binomial, exponential, Poisson, Hypergeometric, and normal distribution.

Sampling theory: Sampling distributions, sampling procedures, estimation of parameters, estimation of mean, variance. Decision theory: Hypothesis testing and decision making, types of error in tests, quality control, control charts for mean, variance, standard deviation; goodness of fit, chi-square test.

Learning Outcomes

This course will enable students to connect the statistical concept with analysis. Students will be able to understand the concept of hypothesis testing for making decisions. The concept of sampling distributions and quality of product with the help of control charts for mean, variance and standard deviation will also given in this subject. Moreover, students will learn about Continous Probability distributions.  

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Distribution of Marks:
Mid Exam:           30

Final exam:         50
Sessional (Assignment,Presentation,Participation,Attendance,Quizes)    20
Key dates and Time of Class Meeting     

BS II(R):               Wednesday (11:00-12:30)   Thursday(11:00-12:30)      

BS II(SS):             Wednesday (2:00-3:30)   Thursday(2:00-3:30) 

Commencement of Classes 

          March 02, 2020

Mid Term Examination 

        April 27 to May 04, 2020

Final Term Examination June 22-26,2020

Declaration of Result July 03, 2020

Course Material