Course Structure: Lectures: 3 / Labs: 0

Credit Hours: 3

Prerequisites: CMP-2540 (Computer Communications and Networks)

This course investigates the design and operation of the global network of networks: the Internet. It studies the structure of the Internet and the TCP/IP protocol suit that enables it to scale to millions of hosts across the globe.  The focus is on the design principles and performance modeling of the different components that make the Internet function. The course also explores services offered by the current Internet, and proposals for future generations of the Internet.



  • Internet Architecture: An Introduction to IP Protocols by Uyless D. Black, Prentice Hall PTR; 1st Edition (2000). ISBN-10: 0130199060

Reference Material:

  • Internet Routing Architectures by Sam Halabi, Cisco Press; 2nd Edition (2000). ISBN-10: 157870233X
  • TCP/IP Protocol Suite by Behrouz A. Forouzan, McGraw-Hill Sci-ence/Engineering/Math; 4th Edition (2009). ISBN-10: 0073376043
  •  Next-Generation Internet: Architectures and Protocols, by Andrei Gurtov, Cambridge University Press (2011). ISBN-10: 0521113687

Course Material