Course Title: Introduction to English Literature    (URCE-5104)

Hafiz Muhammad Nasir Mahmood

This course offers the students

  • To enhance reading and understanding of English Literature. 
  • To enhance the productive (speaking and writing) and receptive skills (listening and reading) of the students
  • To encourage students to conduct original research on detailed analysis of the implications of English as an international language

Intended Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this course students should be able 

  • To demonstrate the critical understanding of the concepts of the all texts studied in the class
  • To analyse and critically discuss some of the main characteristics of the given texts
  • To demonstrate the ability to carry out investigative study on English Language and Literature




Text Books.

English IV      By     M. Athar Ansari   & Muhammad Saleem

Old Man and The Sea  

Reading Books: 

Burton ,S.H.(1984)Mastering English Language.Mcmillan

Herta A. Murphy & Herbert W.Hildebrandt(1991) IEffective Business Communication McGRAW-HILL,INC

Time Table

             BS IV ( Regular & Self Support) 

             Monday & Tuesday    8:00-9:00 AM

                                                12:00-1:00 PM 

Description System of Evaluation. (Exam, Assignments etc)

Mid Term: 30 marks

Sessional: 20 marks

  • Project: 40%
  • Presentation: 30%
  • Participation: 30%

Final Exam: 50 marks

Weeks Contents  
Week 1 Poems:         1)  Departure And Arrival (T.S.Eliot)
                       2) The Road Not Taken   (Robert Frost)
                      3) Because I could not …… (Emily Dickinson)
Week 2 Short Story                The Fly  
Week 3

Interviews& memorandum writing


Week 4 Essay       The Last Sermon by Holy Prophet (PBUH)  
Week 5  
Week 6 Old Man and The Sea  
Week 7 Old Man and the Sea  
Week 8                      Mid Term exam
Week 9 Poems:         1)  Say This City Has Ten Million Souls (W.H.Auden)
                       2) Woman Work      (Maya Angelou)
                      3) The Daisy    (Francis Thopmson)
Week 10 Essay        "Work" by Russell  
Week 11 Short Story                Tell Tale Heart  
Week 12 Comprehension and Precis Writing  
Week 13 Job Letter and CV Writing & repirt writing  
Week 14 Short Stort            "Araby"  
Week 15 Essay        "Three Days to See"  
Week 16              Final term Exams  
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