Emergency care requires preparation, training, and a coordinated response between all emergency team members. “Emergency Care in Sports” is a comprehensive emergency course focusing strictly on assessing and treating traumatic injuries affecting athletes at all levels.

To Deal with the Sports and Athletic Emergencies and basic learning of emergency procedures and primary care.To provide quality learning & practical skills for assessment & treatment of patient suffering from  emergency injuries of musculoskeletal, neurological& cardiac problems.

 As our graduates after getting better conceptual learning & practical skill can provide Better emergency care and prevent the life threatening injuries in effective manner. To improve quality of life with Practical experiences to deal with the emergencies.

See Course Outline for more details.

Learning Outcome:

Upon Completion,students will possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. Knowledge about the Emergency Procedures and Primary Care with Special Focus on the athletic Emergencies.Practical Training to Deal with the Athletic and everyday Emergencies.

  •  Intellectual skills,Basic Knowledge of Emergency Procedures
  •   Professional & practical skills
  •    Airway Management
  •    Head Injuries
  •    Emergency Care of Cervical Spine
  •    Orthopedic, Thoracic and Abdominal Injuries
  •    General and transferable skills:
  •    Physical Therapist role to prevent the Emergencies
  •    Patient positioning during assessment & treatment
  •    Manual Maneuvers to prevent the on spot emergencies

Reading/Reference Books:

  1. Emergency Care in Athletic Training by: Keith M.Gorse, Robert O. Blanc, Francis Feld,

           Matthew Radelet, 1st edition, 2010, FA Davis Company

       2. Acute care hand book for Physical Therapists by: Jaime C paz, Michelle P West, 2edition, 2002, Butterworth Heinemann

Assessment Criteria:

Assessment schedule: 3 tests & one send-up written examination including objective & subjective (SEQs, LEQs) type questions before the annual exam.

Theory Paper: 90 Marks

Internal Assessment: 20 Marks(Based on class tests, class performance and attendance):

Practical: 90 Marks

Class Schedule:

MONDAY,FRIDAY: 10 AM - 10:40 AM 


Start Date:February 15,2021

Course Material